Welcome to autoinspectortraining.com the home of training for the independent Professional Automotive Mechanical Inspector. AIT will provide the current automotive inspector or automotive technician with the required knowledge to become a Professional Automotive Mechanical Inspector. Whether you found this site by looking for a better way to provide for your family or if you were directed here we will provide you with the knowledge and tools to become a Professional Automotive Mechanical Inspector.

What are the requirements for a Professional Automotive Mechanical Inspector?

  • Preferable ASE Certified Technician or Master Certified Technician
  • Must have attention to detail
  • Must be self-Motivated
  • Must be honest, truthful and have a high level of integrity
  • Must have pride in the work they perform
  • Ability to take photographs
  • Ability to read and write
  • Has reliable transportation
  • Wants to have the benefits of being self employed
  • Must have pride in providing a valuable service

If you meet the qualifications and want to join the AIT program to provide a better life and security for you and your family then please fill out the short application form. We will respond to every applicant once we have verified work experience. Our goal at AIT is to train the skilled and qualified inspector and automotive technician to become a Professional Automotive Mechanical Inspector. The only investment required of you is your time and an honest effort to absorb and put to use all of the materials provided in this course. Whether you have performed inspections for the last 20 years or have never done an inspection before. We understand you are looking for a new life style, there is something within this program for everyone to learn.

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